Solutions in legal, labor and tax advice, All our experience at your disposal

Legal Advice: We offer legal advice on community issues and real estate in general: Our team is made up of practicing lawyers, incorporated in the Barcelona Bar Association and specialized in Real Estate and Construction Law. They are at the service of the neighbors to guide and resolve their queries about community members, as well as to prepare legal reports on the matters that are submitted for their consideration. We present legal assistance and defense in community trial: Our lawyers have extensive professional experience before the courts and tribunals, which they put at the service of the community to assume defense and legal direction in the judicial procedures that they are entrusted ( claiming fees from defaulters, damages due to construction defects, etc.).

Labor and Tax Advice: We prepare payroll and documents of the farm workers for the Social Security and Treasury agencies; We draw up employment contracts for community employees; we prepare and manage your payroll and social security, as well as income tax returns; we fill in the withholding declarations and annual list of recipients for the purposes of personal income tax; We manage and process the affiliation of workers to social security, registrations and cancellations that occur, as well as sickness and accident leave reports; We provide advice on the sector collective agreement. We resolve queries related to charges, fees and taxes or any type of tax that affect the farm.