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At Gestión Vecinal we are committed to your community and focused on providing you with a quality service as an owner.

In addition, we put at your disposal our services of Architecture, Maintenance and Rehabilitation, with which you will always have guaranteed the health of your property.

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The figure of the Administrator is essential in the daily trajectory of a community, at all levels, both economically, fiscally and especially socially, as conflicts often arise between co-owners, due to the diversity of ideas and others motivated by conflicting interests. The Administrator’s goal is to resolve these differences and conflicts, efficiently, quickly and effectively.

We perform all the tasks that the Law of Horizontal Property and the Community of Owners attribute to the Administrators of Estates collegiate in the AAFF (National Association of Administrators of Estates), always with the aim of offering solutions that facilitate the life of the Community, that provide the coexistence between the neighbors and that in short, revalue their property.

We prepare the maintenance and cleaning plan of the farm: In order to revalue the property, we design a maintenance plan with solutions not only corrective, but also preventive. To this end, we inform you of the aid or subsidies to which the building may be entitled in cases of rehabilitation or sheltered repair works.

We act as secretaries of the Community and organize the holding of meetings of owners: We prepare the summons of the ordinary or extraordinary meetings and we take care that it is done with the due advance. We attend meetings, advise our managers in making decisions and execute approved agreements. We write the minutes of the board meetings and take care of their notification so that they reach the knowledge of all the neighbors.

Customer Area: Through this service, and through a personal key, each owner can consult via the Internet; access bulletin board; to be informed about the calls to Meetings, as well as of the history of minutes of the meetings with the information of the agreements taken in the same; report faults; request certificates, information on existing contracts in your Community; change direct debit receipts and other owner details, and so on.

We ensure the maintenance of the facilities and services of the farm: We take care of managing any notice or warning from the owners, and we take care that the incidents have a quick and effective response.

Telephone service: We offer a direct contact with your administrator, in a personal and immediate way, to communicate any matter of the Community that must be attended urgently.

We prepare the Community Income and Expenditure Plan: Through an advanced computer system based on the general accounting plan, we diligently prepare and manage the farm’s accounting. We know that a well-managed property appreciates, so we control expenses with business judgment.

We report periodically on the economic and accounting situation of the community: Through annual reports, we communicate the economic movements of the Community. On a monthly basis, we send personal communications to those owners who are behind in the payment of their fees, as well as information to the president of the Community. Annually, we prepare the liquidation of income and expenses for approval, where appropriate, at the owners’ meeting; We deliver all the pertinent documentation for the holding of the ordinary meeting and present the budget for the new fiscal year.