Real Estate Services

We manage the sale and rental of properties

We put at your disposal our architecture, maintenance and rehabilitation services, with which will always have the Health of property guaranteed.



Know what we do for your property

  • Wide portfolio of Flats and Premises for sale

  • Income collection: monthly settlement, income and expense management.

  • Management of Properties in Vertical Property Regime: patrimony income update

  • Tax Settlement: procedures before official bodies for payments of taxes and fees.

  • Repair and Maintenance: monitoring for the conservation of real estate, for wide availability of industrials.

  • Product commercial management: wide client portfolio, solvency control.

  • Formalisation of Lease and Sale contracts: processing of contracts.

  • Documentary Tracking: We provide Energy Certificates and habitability certificates

  • Reforms and technical advice: we provide architects, technicians and surveyors for the complete control of farms and formalization of all projects. We put at your disposal our Architecture, Maintenance and Rehabilitation services, with which you will always have the health of your property guaranteed.

  • Market valuation: we value your properties according to the real market values.

  • Insurance: contracting insurance