Eight out of ten Spanish homes are managed by registered professionals

The intimate space, ESE, that we only reserve for our closest family and friends, is so well that space in which professionalism can be felt. If we talk about reforms in our home, we inevitably turn to professionals, because it is precisely that professionalism that has led property managers to be an increasingly indispensable piece in our intimate space.

The work of property managers is nowadays, and especially in this context of crisis, Necessary and decisive, since thanks to this it has been possible to manage with solvency the obligations required of the real estate sector in accordance with the new regulations in force, achieving that the owners enjoy basic Guarantees on Rights.

Despite being recognized super professionalism, there are those who consider that in super professional work Reduce text <br> Open a door, which allow the entry to the administration of estates – and to Other professional Sectors – of subjects that can take away the development of this Profession in a superficial way, destroying the consolidation work of thousands of collegiate professionals who over time have managed to add good steel and professionalism is not in question.

For them, the future Law of Services and Professional Associations cannot be born protecting the intrusion into professional services, because it would be to consider the professionalism and good steel of so many professionals as a decorative fact, and not as a reason for being of Those who They dedicate their working lives to transforming problems into feasible solutions for citizens.

A law contrary to valuing professional merits, is a law that arises from ignorance of the demands of those sectors that seek to legitimize their work, with positive consequences, to be able to build a more just and supportive society to improve the quality of life of the citizenship.

Precisely, construction should be sustainable and should continue to guarantee the viability of a sector seriously diminished by the crisis situation in our country and that needs Measures that seek in the professionalism of all those who are related to construction, a viable reconstruction of the Same.

Inexcusably for this reason, a Law on Services and Professional Associations cannot see the light, Turning its back on that specific professionalism that today requires citizenship to all those who have a vocation of Service Towards others, either from the public sphere or private.

Therefore, if professionalism is bought and acquired for a field as personal as our home, are we going to allow that professionalism to be relegated to a second place? The answer is no, because politics is there to correct and better errors, not to be part of the portal that problem, which even though it is legitimized by a parliamentary majority, must never go against a professional will, which seeks to want to amend the errors to guarantee and increase the Rights of a citizenry, which increasingly demands in super personal, the professionalism and commitment of a career with a clear vocation of service to the citizenry.

Different initiatives have made it possible to know the work of professional associations, a professionalism that will be shown through the Figures, When the Council of Associations of Property Administrators itself, states that its activity is proceeding on the right path, when talking about that eight out of ten Spanish homes are managed by registered professionals.

Therefore, the conclusion can be drawn that if the public buys the product, it is because they consider it useful, deserving Our Support and Recognition, to those services that are provided from closeness and with the complicity of the trust generated by Good professionals.